In the early morning studio hours, before the hustle of clicking keys to reply to emails or the whir of sewing machines, I usually get to take a moment to take in the calm of the space, illuminated by the breaking day light and appreciate the details of the work we do. Recently, as we are neck deep in wrapping up our Spring 2017 collection, I have been trying to take more time out to appreciate the effect of a few hundred hours of bead work to create the final gown, and the meditate on the practice of hand stitching, and the patience we can sew into each dress.

This season is a play and celebration of hand techniques, as we experiment with unexpected materials, textures and mixed motifs. I can't wait to share the full collection on October 6th!





photo: hallie duesenberg

dress: samantha sleeper



The search for the perfect dresses for the most important women in your life no longer has to be the struggle is once was. Enter Swan Bridesmaid ( a responsibly produced, luxury line of silk dresses in minimal, fashion forward cuts produced in New York City. 

The line offers you the option to custom design a collection that reflects the aesthetic, color palate (DID I MENTION THEY COME IN 29 AMAZING COLORS?) and silhouettes for your ladies while knowing they are investing in a dress they will love and wear again, and again and again. 

We love this line, and know you will too.