Something that Sparkles: A modern girls guide to indie ring designers


Its pretty common knowledge in my inner circle that I love rings. Not just a little bit, but pretty much full on, blow my monthly budget for a vintage or indie designer find sparkling story to add to my stack. I used to wear so many rings that I would refer to my hands as a ring grave, the place where other peoples love stories end up on my hands, never to leave again. I collect rings like some collect tattoo's : they carry meaning and remind me of moments in my life worthy of a marker: the birth of my son, the launch of a business, the resilience of heart break- others are handed down, gifts from my grandmothers and great grandmothers- the ruby pictured above was an heirloom I received on my first Mother's Day, a love present given to her from my grandfather decades earlier- the delicate sunrise, a gift from my son's father on a California Christmas morning marking his middle name "ray" as a ray of light forever on my hand. An oversized aquamarine procured on a trip to Thailand, where I found my birthstone so big it made me have all sorts of Elizabeth Taylor fantasies playing around in my mind. Around collection time I pull them out to use as styling tools- which also as a moment for me to play, and reflect, on the life I'm living, where it's taken me and where I am heading . I firmly believe in cultivating your own happiness and holding the vision of what that feels like in the center of your heart as you move through your days, your interactions with others and owning your choices. ( Even if those choices include occasional less than responsible behaviors around the procurement of a collection defining ring). One of my favorite parts of collecting, is finding designers to support in the process. As the Christmas season brings about extra sparkle everywhere you look, I  find it the perfect time for a round up of some of my favorite designers to adorn your fingers today, and always.


COMMUNION By Joy is self described as 'sacred art worn by the modern mystic warrior'- I can't really beat her description so I'm not going to even try. I love her pieces for the organic quality of the stones shapes, the imperfect edging and meaningful motifs.

WAKKE is a  brand based in NYC, focused on new perspectives on traditional fine jewelry. Known for the collections clean lines, fluid motion, and asymmetrical stone placements, these rings are dainty enough to add to a stack and powerful enough to stand alone. 

Satomi Kawakita is a New York City-based jewelry designer, whom I love for her etched bands and delicate sensibilities. For whatever reason, I am reminded of the illustrations in a Roald Dahl novel, playfully marked with equal parts whimsy and intention.

Rings to break your heart. Straight from the Tokyo workshop of master jeweler, Yoshinobu Kataoka, where only the most beautiful jewels are made. Milgrain edges, diamond cutting, and other finishing touches are all applied by hand. Kataoka uses the highest quality conflict-free noble metals, diamonds, and natural untreated precious gems. These rings read like a symphony of perfectly balanced color placements and details, delicate sentiments truly designed and executed from the heart. Lose your self in pages of these exquisite creations, many exclusive to New York jewelry haven, Catbird.

Morphe : Otherwordly jewels, cast from original wax carvings. Made in Montreal, by Sofia Ajram.

If anyone asks, I am currently coveting every version of her wandering star ring.