"Art is not what you see but is what you can make others see" - Degas

A wedding gown is unlike any other garment you will wear in your life. It has the opportunity to emote identity, values and expression of a new life you are choosing to embark on from that day forward. By nature, fashion lends itself to be a catalyst for meaning, and that is why working with each bride on there custom gown is so meaningful to our studio. We aim to create gowns that are known for there attention to detail, and fashion forward approach. Each piece is custom designed and handcrafted in our New York studio, resulting in an intimate experience & a hyper-romantic, ethereal gown for the modern bride. When you choose Samantha Sleeper to create your gown, you are choosing an intimate, care filled experience where your gown is customized at every step of the way. Fittings are scheduled periodically in the process to ensure a perfect fit.