Unlock The Every Day Magic Of Tea

Our studio kitchen serves as the source of floor community discussions. We stand around the kettle, boiling water on repeat and pouring cups of tea to steep throughout the day, blending bags and flavors as we continue our work and discussions on cold winter mornings. Recently we discovered a new brand whose swoon worthy imagery and on point packaging have me stocking up non-stop.

The Seventh Duchess are tea traders and tea for them “represent a memory, medicine, emotion and energy in a cup”.




Their luxury tea leaves, all 100% organic are free from synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and growth hormones. Their tea is the perfect way to relax, rewind and get your skin blissfully glowing for the special day- and everyday. 

As Samantha Sleeper is rooted in sustainability, we are on board with bull horning other brands messaging that aligns with our own.

 One of our favorites is Grace an organic beauty tea bursting with antioxidants and therapeutic ingredients that will result in youthful and hydrated radiant complexion.  


Check out there full collection of beautifully crafted teas and purchase a little everyday sip of luxury.