Real Bride Feature: Jordana and Uri

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As fashion is one of my greatest loves the dress was really an important aspect for me. Wow, the dress. How can I describe this story other than a complete miracle of love. Uri and I knew we’d be traveling to the States shortly after getting engaged so I reached out to Samantha Sleeper, a designer whose work I so admired on Instagram. Within days Samantha and I facetimed, she drew a sketch and I knew that she’d have to be the one to make my wedding gown. On our first day in NYC I went to Samantha’s studio and it was a no brainer. Samantha took my inspiration and created a truly couture gown. It was also the first time Samantha had the restrictions of making a modest dress and she completely nailed it.

I didn’t want to shy away from any of the unconventional details like pops of color and texture. We decided it would be fun if the dress was two pieces, a simple slip dress and an intricately detailed overlay dress. My dress took inspiration from some of my favorites, Valentino and Rodarte, but was still entirely something fresh. Samantha decided to turn the wing sleeves into a capelet back which just felt so ethereal. Upon our next meeting one week later, which would be my first and only fitting, Samantha had made the detailed base of my dress.

As someone who is so particular about my fashion choices, I completely trusted Samantha’s work and aesthetic, and in fact hadn’t see my completed dress in person until one week before our wedding when it arrived in Israel. Samantha would text me updates of all the gorgeous details she was adding, she described my dress as being a meditation for her, which I could feel when I put it on. I couldn’t have been more lucky, it was a true kismet relationship which i’m grateful we still have to this day.

— Jordana Rabinowitz


I woke up from a night of intense dreaming, living in a parallel world that felt- in dreaming as real as the one I woke up to. That happens frequently- a few times a week- and most mornings I want to go back into my dream land for a few more minutes but today New York Magazine weddings edition is on stands and inside of it is my first ever ad campaign and that feels like a huge, huge step for my label.

We are on page 33, right behind  @verawanggang and @harrywinston (whoa) and page left to Zsa Zsa Gabor fabulously cutting her wedding cake in 1962. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being apart of my community, of supporting my business, and allowing us to invest in creating beautiful moments day after day.

I hope to see you in the studio soon